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Website SEO Plans
for Home Builders & Remodelers 

"These guys actually show you
exactly what they are doing when it comes to SEO"


Are you tired of paying SEO compaines $300 - $1,000/month and not knowing what they are doing for you?  Say no more! 

Transparency is in our DNA, and we're here to help you.

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Full Website SEO Plan + 3 Month Content Calendar

Keyword Research

  • Analyze 500-800 Keywords Based for Your Target Area and Offering
  • Identify the Best Keyword for Each Page on the Website (up to 25 pages)*
  • Identify Future Content Marketing Opportunities Based on Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization Plan

  • Write out SEO Plan and Recommendation for Each Page
    • Page Title, URL, Header (H1) & Meta Description
  • Create 3 Month Content Marketing Calendar
    • Blog Titles (12) & Content/Service/Location Pages (6)
  • Upon Approval of SEO Plan, Builder Funnel will Implement the SEO Plan

Pricing: $3,000 (one time)

*$50 per page over 25 pages