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Construction Website Design
(The Foundation)

For Remodelers & Custom Home Builders

No more "custom" websites that are untested & unproven!


<--Introducing The Foundation

The old model of website design is broken.  Stop wasting money on re-design after re-design and get a performance based website instead.



Considering a New Website for Your Remodeling or Custom Home Building Business?

Before you drop $40K+ on a "custom" website, you'll want to read this.

Builder Funnel has secretly been working on a brand-new website theme…we’re calling it “The Foundation” and it’s a performance driven website.

If you are in the market for a new website and you want to build stronger brand recognition, increase lead conversion and instantly differentiate yourself from the competition, WITHOUT spending $40K-$75K+ on a custom website, read on to discover how the ALL NEW FOUNDATION website theme from Builder Funnel will help you grow your business. 

The powerful new Foundation website theme:

  • Unlike an expensive custom coded websites that keep you at the mercy of the agency who built it, the Foundation theme is incredibly user friendly, allowing you to remain in complete control of your digital asset.

  • Is conversion focused and purposefully built to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and get more of your ideal prospects to contact you…

  • Costs less than what most web agencies charge for a custom coded website, yet delivers 5x the value…

Unlike other web agencies who use a cookie cutter approach so they can serve dozens of different industries with their offers, Builder Funnel specifically focuses on serving Remodelers and Custom Builders, which means the Foundation theme incorporates every optimization you’ll need to dominate your local search results, resulting in more and better leads, and higher profits. 

In fact, we tested it with several clients before releasing it to the public, and the results have been astonishing:

  • 96.2% GT Metrix Speed Score
  • 99.4 SEO Health Score
  • 3x leads for an Illinois remodeler
  • 4x lead flow for a local remodeler
  • 43 closed projects for a Jacksonville remodeler

Builder Funnel has the most up to date market data… no guesswork…we live on the front line of construction industry marketing.

Builder Funnel is a specialized data driven digital marketing company which means, we focus only on the elements PROVEN to work best.

Our Brand-New Foundation Theme was specifically designed to stack the deck in your favor, by incorporating the elements that work best to increase leads, professionally position your brand and quickly build know, like and trust with your ideal clients…long story short, the Foundation is results driven.

We don’t sell to your ego, because your website isn’t about YOU, but rather, how you deliver results for your ideal clients.


The Foundation

Built Exclusively for Remodelers & Custom Builders

We take your website seriously. This is not just about designing something pretty that you like. When we build your Foundation website, you'll receive the most up-to-date version of what's attracting and converting leads today.  No more guesswork.  No more wasted money on re-designs.  Just an increase in ideal projects and customers for your business.


Designed for Performance

Every Foundation comes with our proven and tested layouts.  We don't want to design something brand new that will potentially bomb.  You'll be getting a site built on solid SEO principles, designed to capture and convert leads and turn away tire-kickers.  It will be lightning fast, clean/modern, easy for anyone to update or modify, and most importantly...PROVEN.


Backed by $150M+ in Results

After driving over $150M in sales for our clients working on their websites and digital marketing, and watching many of them blow tens of thousands of dollars on custom websites with other agencies, we decided to change the game.

We took all our digital marketing best practices and principles, looked at the data across our clients in dozens of markets and decided to build The Foundation from the ground up with one thing in mind.  Results.

Your website should be your best sales and marketing tool.  

Working for you 24/7.

And helping you reach your growth goals.

Get yours today!

foundations image

Our Proven Process

Upon signing, we schedule a kick off call and a pre-call questionnaire.  On the kick off call, we start moving quickly.  You're answering questions and we're getting approvals.  After the call ends, we start sprinting because we've received everything we need from you and there are no roadblocks in sight!

During this stage, we're doing all the heavy lifting.  We're building out your website in a development environment, flowing in content and photography and laying out every single page.  Think of this as similar to a remodel or custom home when you're working away with little involvement from your client.

Once we've completed the build out, it's time for our team (and you) to look everything over.  We have an extremely detailed quality assurance process, but this is also your time to find any final changes before we take the new site live.  After the site is live, the marketing can begin, and it's time to start driving some serious results!


The Foundation of Your Marketing.

Discover the core components inside your custom Foundation website. These elements work together to ensure your website drives maximum results, attracts the right clientele and elevates your brand.

Revenue + Profit

Your website should be your best salesperson.  The Foundation works around the clock, 24/7 generating leads for your business.

Your Foundation

Your website is the foundation of your marketing efforts.  Even referrals check you out online before contacting you.

Proven Layouts

We aren't guessing what will work best.  We've already tested it for you so you capture more leads right now.

Built for Remodelers & Builders

We've been serving remodelers & custom builders for 14 years to remove the guesswork.  We speak your language!

Clean & Fast

Today's consumer moves quick and has zero patience.  Our sites are built for speed and ease of use.  That means more leads for you.

Complete Ownership

Many website agencies control your site.  Not us.  You retain all the rights to the content, imagery and have full access.  We're just there to support and manage (if you want).

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is optimized to attract your ideal clients based on keywords, your local area and today's SEO best practices.

Website Performance

The Foundation was built with speed in mind.  Google prioritizes fast websites, so we do too!

Lead Generation

Avoid tire-kickers, generate qualified leads, and improve conversion.  The Foundation is more than pretty pictures.  It's built to convert leads.

I have really enjoyed working with Builder Funnel. They have done a great job listening, absorbing feedback and, in general, just making my life a whole lot easier as update our marketing efforts. Builder Funnel has delivered as promised, and I look forward to our continued collaborations!
Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes
Bobbie Guthrie
Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes
Construction can be a very difficult business. Managing jobs, relationships and time are critical. Then there’s driving business to the bottom line. The Builder Funnel team has assembled a very useful set of tools and knowledge to help get you where you want to go.
GVS Design & Build
Rick Rodrigo
GVS Design & Build
We've been working w/ Builder Funnel for several years now. The personal contact can't be beat! They know the ins and outs of social media - and are able to lead us in a direction which results in new leads! I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Gerber Homes
Victoria Martin
Gerber Homes
Country Classics has been working with Builder Funnel for over 3 years now and we couldn't recommend them more! Traffic, leads, and social media have increased tremendously each and every year. We are happy with the progress we've made, monthly reports and updating we receive, and our future goals we create. Looking forward to many more years of working with them!
Country Classics
Danielle Tampier
Country Classics
We have been working with Builder Funnel for 2 years. We have become proficient in utilizing inbound marketing and social media tools to expand our marketing efforts. We have developed an easy working relationship with Builder Funnel and we can depend upon Spencer, in particular, to elevate our marketing efforts.
Meridian Homes
Alexa Lerner
Meridian Homes

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