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Remodeler Stories

Welcome to Remodeler Stories, the podcast where real remodeling business owners tell their personal stories of finding success in this crazy industry! Get ready to be inspired by the stories of other remodeling companies just like yours - here we go!


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Remodeler Stories Podcast

Our Podcast

Welcome to Remodeler Stories, the podcast where we highlight and promote remodelers across the U.S. and Canada! Every remodeler has a story to tell, and we can all learn from each other. Join us weekly for inspiration, strategies, and a bit of fun as we hear remodelers' unique stories. From their humble origins and refining challenges to their rise to success and most important advice for YOU, you won't want to miss these remodeler stories!

Remodeler Stories Podcast with Spencer Powell

In Good Company

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Your Host

Spencer Powell is the CEO at Builder Funnel, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with remodelers and custom home builders.

A Message from Spencer - "My team and I eat, sleep, and breathe remodeler marketing, and my passion for the remodeling industry has led us to Remodeler Stories. As the host of our latest podcast, I bring you the stories of remodeling business owners across the U.S. and Canada. Join me as I interview some of the coolest, most successful remodelers around, and be inspired by their stories as we propel the industry forward towards success and growth!" 

Spencer Powell - Remodeler Stories Host

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