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Award-Winning Construction Marketing Services

For Remodelers, Home Builders, & Contractors

Experience a marketing system built specially for residential remodelers, home builders, and contractors and designed to help you achieve sustainable growth in your business.

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Construction Industry APPROVED

Other agencies work with anyone. Builder Funnel only works with businesses like YOU. We’re ALL IN on the construction industry and have been for over a decade! Work with us, and join 150+ construction companies on the path to marketing & sales success.

Delivering Positive Customer Experiences

Across the United States & Canada

Whether you're in a small town or metropolitan city, Builder Funnel can work with you to generate more qualified leads, close more jobs, and delight your customers!

United States Contractor Marketing

Builder Funnel Services Are For You If...

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting the right marketing agency for your construction business so we’ll make it easy for you. Builder Funnel is a good fit for you if...

We weren’t kidding. We’re ALL IN on the construction industry, and have been since Spencer Powell, CEO of Builder Funnel, developed a successful marketing system for his uncle’s home building company over 11 years ago. Our roots are in construction, and we’ve developed the perfect approach that helps contractors grow.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a business. We’re here to help you build a sustainable marketing system that will drive website traffic, generate qualified leads, and close prospects into customers now and 10 years from now.

We can’t just do 1 email here, or 1 blog post there. Our marketing strategy involves a holistic inbound marketing approach where all the pieces work in conjunction with one another to get results. If you commit to the process, the marketing machine will have all the cogs to function efficiently and effectively.

Yep, we’re a marketing agency too, but you’ll find we work a bit differently. Many contractors come to us having had bad experiences with agencies or freelancers from poor communication and mediocre results to half-assed marketing and old-fashioned tactics. That’s not us. We strive to be the best we can by having regular meetings to discuss our strategy, committing results-driven marketing efforts, and clearly communicating and keeping expectations front and center in our professional relationship with you.


One of our core values is “Do the Right Thing”. We want to be the right fit for you, but if we aren’t, that’s okay; we’ll point you in the right direction! Click below schedule a Discovery Meeting with Spencer Powell, CEO of Builder Funnel.



Proven Process

Growth Guaranteed.

We know that you don’t rely on one tool to complete a renovation or new home build. It works the same way for us. We use the most advanced suite of tools, technology, and tactics to get you consistent results. It all comes together in our Proven Process.

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For Remodelers, Home Builders, & Contractors

Marketing Services

Bring your construction business into the future. Builder Funnel utilizes current marketing strategies to get you results in an increasingly digital environment. Every company is different, and we tailor services to match your goals. Our marketing system includes combinations of the following services:

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Inbound Marketing for Remodelers, Contractors, and Home Builders

Inbound Marketing

We combine modern digital marketing tactics to attract interested people to your website, convert them into qualified leads, close them into your ideal clients, and delight them to come back again and again.

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Inbound Sales for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Inbound Sales

We utilize the industry-leading CRM with a streamlined sales pipeline and the most advanced lead tracking to date to send you qualified leads when they're most likely to work with you and easiest to close.

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Lead Generation for Remodelers, Home Builders, and Contractors

Lead Generation

We’ve spent 11+ years developing the perfect strategy that's helped home builders, remodelers, and contractors generate tens of thousands of qualified leads, and we’d love for you to experience the same success as our clients.

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Social Media Management for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and more - we can post high-quality content regularly for your business to reach the right people across the largest social platforms.

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Content Development and Blogging for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Content Development

We offer full-service website management, edits, updates in conjunction with blog posts and new web pages that convert traffic into leads and rank in the search engines. Your website can be your most effective salesperson - let us unlock its potential.

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Search Engine Optimization for Remodelers, Home Builders, and Contractors

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine ranking for valuable keyword phrases including your location + your service(s) across Google and other major search engines. We’ve done this time and time again for contractors across the U.S. and Canada, and we’d like you to be next!

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Website Design and Development for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Website Design

Don’t be just another pretty website. Our website design & development services will give your website that’s fast, looks fantastic, has high-ranking potential, and (of course) converts traffic into leads like none other.

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Paid Advertising for Remodelers, Home Builders, and Contractors

Paid Advertising

We utilize paid media including Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and Connected TV Ads so you can amplify your reach to the right audience. Then simply sit back as we turn the dials up or down to generate results based on your goals.

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Graphic Design Services for Home Builders, Remodelers, and Contractors

Graphic Design

From exquisite branding to exceptional user experience and user interface [UX/UI], we’ve got you covered with our graphic design services. Don’t just have boring content, let us make it beautiful.

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Data Analytics for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Data Analytics & Reporting

Everything we do is backed by data and transparently communicated to you through regular reporting measuring the success of our marketing campaigns and tracking the most important metrics to your construction business!

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Email Marketing for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers

Email Marketing

Using the best email marketing platform, Builder Funnel sends regular emails for you that look good across every device and improve brand awareness, traffic generation, and nurturing leads down the sales funnel.

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Video Production and Editing for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

Video Production + Editing

Video is the future, and we’re here for it! Our expert video production team can create, edit, and optimize your videos or come to your location to shoot best-in-class project, testimonial, explainer, under construction, and company-promoting videos.

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Builder Funnel

Marketing Built on a Strong Foundation

Your projects are made to last so build your marketing and sales strategy on a foundation just as strong.

As an industry-leading, award-winning digital marketing agency with proven results and history of success working with construction companies across the U.S. and Canada, Builder Funnel is here and ready to help you get results that will show up now and 10 years from now.

Enjoy partnership with a trustworthy team of marketing professionals, clear communication regarding marketing and sales results, and complete transparency and honesty on all aspects of your marketing strategy. Take the most important step towards your company’s future of marketing and sales success and schedule a meeting with Spencer Powell, CEO of Builder Funnel, to discuss your company goals and the path to achieving them.


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