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Sales Enablement

The way of cold calling is long gone now with Inbound Sales. You no longer have to search to find the perfect customer like a needle in a haystack. Connecting inbound marketing to your sales process has eliminated that step. Now potential customers come straight to you.


Inbound isn't just for marketing

Now, with the help of Inbound Marketing, your website will not only bring prospects and leads into your sales funnel, but the ability to nurture those leads at each stage of buyers journey.


As a salesperson in years past, you had to work extremely hard to find one lead that was qualified. You had to buy a list, cold call or email that list, and hopefully get a handful of possibly interested leads. In the home builder and remodeling industry, you probably attracted leads by putting on open houses or showcases or attending trade shows. You can still attract leads this way, but you still don't know much about them. You may receive a lot of foot traffic, but are they really in the market for your service?

The Buyer’s Journey

The buyer's persona is a semi-fictional character that represents your ideal customer based on research of your existing customers. It includes demographics, behaviors, goals, and ambitions.

Having an identified buyer's persona provides unique and timely benefits in determining how to communicate with your leads, and how to move each persona along the buyer’s journey. 



In the awareness stage, your potential customer has a problem they are trying to solve- much like when you are sick, and you turn to Google to research your symptoms. It's the same theory when someone is fed up with their outdated kitchen. Whether they are ready for better working space or more room to entertain, they begin researching how they can solve their problem.


In the consideration stage, your potential customer has found information on what could solve their problem. They've elected to remodel their kitchen. Perhaps they've read a few blogs and have decided to download a guide about kitchens on your website.

Now you have their information and know that they are interested in kitchen remodel. You can now reach out to the new lead to see if they have any questions, or to ask if they enjoyed the guide.

Although the lead might not be ready to start remodeling right away- you can continue to nurture them in the consideration stage by providing targeted content that will help them along the way.


When a lead reaches the consideration stage, you now know they have the financial capabilities to begin their renovation project. They will start to narrow down the list of possible remodelers in contention to complete their project. They will approach these remodelers with design requests and remodeling bids to see who matches their style (and their budget) the best.

What's the Difference between Sales Enablement and Sales Acceleration?


What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is setting salespeople up for success. It gives them the tools and the resources to effectively engage with potential clients and move them through the buyer’s journey.

What is Sales Acceleration?

Sales acceleration is designed to increase the velocity of the sales process using software applications and services to be more effective.

Inbound Sales Tools

Just like when you build or remodel a home, you have to have the proper tools to be efficientHere is a list of great tools to help your sales acceleration.


The most important tool to have in your toolbox is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. In a CRM, you can manage your pipeline of leads and track where they are in the buyer’s journey. Great CRMs to choose from:

Inbound Sales Automation

There are plenty of software systems you can utilize to set automated tasks. You can use automation to help you follow-up with leads. There is even software that can automatically send emails if you haven’t heard back from a client.


A great way to lose a lead? Never following up. It can be easy to forget unless you have a great system in place. One great way to ensure you never forget to follow-up is to create templates of emails you can send to those who you haven’t heard from a while.

  • Boomerang— a great tool to help you with productivity in your inbox. This app allows you to email your leads at the perfect time and send un-replied emails to the top of your inbox. This app can be used on Outlook, Gmail, or Android.
  • HubSpot Sales Templates — When using HubSpot as your CRM, you can use your best performing and most repetitive emails into templates that you can personalize and customize for each email sent. It can be used in Outlook or Gmail.


Instead of going back and forth via email about when you can meet, set-up a meeting link that you can add to an email. It will show when you are available, and they can choose a time that best works for them.

  • Boomerang — also has the capability to share your available times right from your calendar right in an email.
  • HubSpot Meetings — Not only can you add a link to book a meeting to your email, this tool will also notify you about meeting booked and with whom. Add the link to your signature and anyone that would like to meet with you can pick a time.

Video Technology

Adding video to your sales repertoire can greatly help build a relationship with your leads. It allows your leads to get to know you and your knowledge about your industry. You can use it to update, teach, or just check-in.

Here are a few tools you can use to send videos:

  • Zoom — allows you to create a video, conference call, and screen share.
  • BombBomb — integrates video right into your email. You can simply shoot and send. Great touch for your email.
  • Soapbox — allows you to video and screen share all from a Google Chrome extension.

Chat System

Integrating a chat system on to your website is a great tool to help those visitors who just want to ask one question versus having to go looking around your website to find the answer. It’s a great tool for sales can use to get visitors involved and start a conversation.

Document Signing Automation

Streamline your documents in a document management software. This software will accelerate your process exceptionally. It not only allows you to have document templates that can be customized as needed. It also allows you to track opens, add comments and notes, and sign digitally.

Metric Driven Sales Approach

Every sales team has a quota they must meet. How do you meet that quota? Use data to your advantage.Reverse engineer to the very source of each client. Start with last year’s list of clients. Examine how many of those leads came in from specific sources. Now, take that source and see how you can increase the percentage of leads. Now you have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Use your newfound KPI to measure and drive more sales from your best performing source.

Learn more about Metric Driven Sales Approach

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